Keith Evan Green, director

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Former PhD students:
• Arash Soleimani
• George Schafer
• Anthony Threat
• Joe Manganelli
• Tarek Mohktar
• Henrique Houayek

Former Masters students
• Kevin Guo MEng MAE
• Seshasowri Chunduri MEng SE
• Justin Jacobs MEng MAE
• Yeolim Jo MEng MAE
• Kathryn Roberts MEng MAE
Paulina Villacreces MS DEA
Kaustav Das MA DEA
• Richa Sirohi MEng SE
• Christian Ray MEng MAE
• Kaustav Das MA DEA
• Yuxin Zhou MEng MAE
• Alex Bernard MEng MAE
• Christina Keefe MEng MAE
• Samantha Hollenberg MEng MAE
• Roanja Milo MEng

Former Undergrads
• Boya Zhang MAE
• Chelle Davies CS/ECE
• Alex Zhu MAE
• Angela Lo ECE/CS
• Cayla Haymann IS
• Boya Zhang MAE
• Genna Hadad IS
• Yanchen Zhan CS
• Liheng Li CS/ECE
• Christian Polydor CS
• Audrey Tirtohadiguno DEA
• Conrad McCarthy MAE
• Gauri Jain ECE
• Sophie, Lan CS/ECE

Ian D. Walker, Clemson University
Robotic Building TU Delft (H. Bier)
TU Deflt idStudioLab (IE minor)
Bartlett School Space Syntax Lab
U. So. Denmark Modular Robotics
Fraunhofer Institute | IESE
Roger C. Peace Rahab. Hospital
Tompkins Co. Library NY
History Center Tompkins Co. NY
Richland Library, Columbia, SC


Keith Evan Green | Director, ARL
s professor of design (DEA) and mechanical engineering (MAE) at Cornell University. At the interface of design, robotics, and psychology, Green’s Architectural Robotics Lab ("AR"L) creates cyber-physical environments for an increasingly digital society. In so doing, Green strives to cultivate interactions across living things and their surroundings to form techno(eco)logies. The novelty of Green’s research lies in its recognition of the built environment, from furniture to the metropolis, as a next frontier of design, engineering, and human-environment interaction. More broadly, the ARL generates new vocabularies of design and new, complex realms of understanding that shape novel, computational and bio-centric environments.

Widely published in IEEE and ACM proceedings and journals, Green is also the author of Architectural Robotics: Ecosystems of Bits, Bytes and Biology (MIT Press, 2016). Green earned B.A., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, and an M.Arch. from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He is a licensed architect and senior member of IEEE. (Green's homepage)

Paulina Villcreces Deanna Kocher | PhD MAE
a PhD MechE student at Cornell. She has a unique background in integrated engineering, arts, and sciences (IDEAS) from Lehigh University which focused on mechanical engineering, product design, and child psychology. She also spent an extra year of study focused on STS (Science, Technology, and Society) and child development, where she developed a passion for understanding the impact of different technologies on child development. In the lab, her goal is to develop "productive play robots" supporting the social and intellectual development of children. She believes that the changing landscape of parenting makes beneficial technologies not only relevant, but necessary. Outside the lab, she trains regularly in shotokan karate, is an avid fantasy reader, and enjoys hiking with her dog. Deanna was awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP)

Alex Bernard Mengni (Ni) Zhang | PhD DEA
is a PhD DEA student at Cornell the field of Human Behavior and Design. His interests include interactive environments, healthcare architecture, wellness design, and robotics. Before entering the PhD program, Ni worked for five years in San Francisco as a healthcare architect, developing a special interest in interaction and robotics for hospital settings. He holds a bachelor's degree in architecture from Cornell's AAP and a master's degree in design studies from Harvard's GSD with a concentration in urban resilience. He is also madly obsessed with Bach. 

Elena Sabinson| PhD DEA
is a PhD student at Cornell in Design + Environmental Analysis. At Drexel University, where Elena received her MS in Interior Design, Elena was an Assistant Teaching Professor. Prior to grad school at Drexel, Elena earned a BA from Binghamton University, where she studied Philosophy and Creative Writing. Elena is particularly fascinated with emerging technologies and how to implement these new interactions so that they increase empathy. She hopes to contribute to a new ethical landscape of human robot interaction (HRI), and explore the use of biological materials and digital design practices in creative and innovative ways.

Yixiao Wang pic Yixiao Wang | PhD DEA
s a Ph.D. student at Cornell in Design + Environmental Analysis (DEA). Prior to Cornell, Yixiao earned a master of architecture at UC Berkeley and worked with ASAP (Buffalo) and Marc Fornes & Theverymany (New York) on the "Chrysalis Amphitheatre" project in Merriweather Park, Columbia, MD. For as long as Yixiao can remember, he's been passionate about tinkering with computers, electronics and design. In the lab, his specific research focus is the development and testing of robotic surfaces embedded in offices, themed entertainment rides, and spacecraft. These robot surfaces physically reconfigure to essentially partner with their human cohabitants. Outside the lab, Yixiao plays piano and reads novels.

Jilly Cai | MEng MAE
is a Cornell MEng student in the Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering focusing on robotics, sustainable product design, and business management. Currently, she is discovering the different projects within ARL. Outside of ARL, Jilly is a wilderness survival instructor at Cornell Outdoor Education, a passionate engineering ambassador, an enthusiastic pianist/clarinetist in a music ensemble, and the president of Operation DEEP, an organization aiming to improve education inequalities in China’s rural areas

Carlos Araujo de Aguiar | PhD DEA
is a Ph.D. student at Cornell in Design + Environmental Analysis from Rio de Janeiro. Prior to Cornell, Carlos earned a master of computational design at University of Washington. Carlos is exploring how distributed, responsive systems can foster place attachment in human inhabitants. In the lab, his research focuses on “communIT,” a cyber-physical environment in underused public spaces, cultivating understanding and action within and across diverse local groups. Carlos is also contributing to the development of the home+ project enabling aging in place. When not in the lab, Carlos enjoys reading science fiction novels and practicing yoga and meditation.

Juliette Bendheim | MEng ME
is a Cornell masters of engineering student studying mechanical engineering focusing on the combination of robotics, design, and sustainability. During her undergrad at Cornell she was part of the mechanical team of Cornell University Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (CUAUV) where she designed and manufactured different components of the submarines. When she is not studying engineering, she is often teaching classes for Cornell Outdoor Education or running practices for the Women's Club Ice Hockey team. 

Harrison Hidalgo | MEng MAE
a Cornell graduate student pursuing a Master of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering where he is focusing on dynamics, controls, and robotics. In the lab, Harrison is working on the Robotic Surfaces project where he is prototyping different surfaces using McKibben actuators, weaving and knitting them. From wearables to room partitions, these reconfigurable surfaces aim to enhance everyday experience by acting as physical, visual, and/or auditory barriers and by shaping the space of rooms to match the activities occurring within them.

Isha Pradhan | MEng SE
is a graduate student pursuing a Master of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering. Isha also holds a B.S. in ME from Cornell. In the ARL, Isha is developing and testing a soft, bio-cyber-physical robot surface that aims to support the homeostasis of inhabitants in confined physical spaces. Outside of the lab, she works
with Engineers Without Boarders to create long-lasting solutions to problems in international communities.

Yupei Yang | MEng CS
is a graduate student pursuing a Master of Engineering degree in Computer Science focusing on robotics, machine learning, and product design. Prior to Cornell, he studied at Drexel University, majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering, with professional experience in software engineer and product manager. In the lab, he works on the Children-Robot Collaboration project, focusing on spatial language research. Outside the lab, he is a music producer, exploring to apply machine learning to music for art therapy. 

Mengxue Wang | MPS IS
a Cornell graduate student pursuing a Master of Profession degree in Information Science focusing on robotics, software development, and UX design. She majored in Architecture and Computer science in her bachelor study, with professional experience as Architect and UI Engineer. In the lab, she works on the Children-Robot Collaboration project, focusing on building a children-robot codesign platform.

Jackson Hardin | BS MAE
is a Cornell undergraduate
student majoring in mechanical engineering with a minor in fine arts. Prior to joining the ARL he worked at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology TTTD lab pursuing research on bio-compatible soft robotics. Jackson is fascinated by the intersections between engineering, technology, design, and art. In the future he hopes to bring a multi-disciplinary view to a career in robotics allowing for sound, intelligent, and beautiful design. 

Aratrika Ghatak | BS ECE
is a Cornell undergraduate student majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a minor in Business. In addition to working on the CommunIT project in the Architectural Robotics Lab, Aratrika is an E-board member of IEEE and pledging Alpha Phi Omega. Last summer Aratrika interned at the healthcare startup ReverCare. She is very fascinated with electrical engineering and its applications to robotics.

Robert Shield | B.S. MAE
is a Cornell undergraduate student in Engineering planning to pursue a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in the Dyson Business School. Robert loves tinkering with and working with mechatronic and robotics systems. He is a staff member in MAE’s Rapid Prototyping Lab, where he operates laser cutters and 3D printers, supporting both research and project teams. In the lab, he works on the home+ project for aging in place to ensure functionality of the home+ lamp robot.

Charu Marugesan | BS CS
is a Cornell University
sophomore studying Computer Science with a concentration in education and robotics. In the lab, she is working on the CommunIT project, developing a system to control the LED lights on the display. Outside of the lab, she is vice president of service for Cornell's only service fraternity, teaches coding to children at the Belle Sherman Elementary School, and is involved in the Cornell Cup Robotics project team. She hopes to work in the robotics field with a focus on human-robot interaction focussing on applications for young children.

Alexandra Steelman | BS CE
is a Cornell undergraduate student in Civil Engineering working on pheB, a soft robotic and biological surface to help individuals establish homeostasis in confined spaces.