AWE homepage 2015

The ARCHITECTURAL ROBOTICS LAB (or "ARL"), led by Keith Evan Green, focuses on making our physical surroundings interactive and adaptive to help us do what we do: work, play, learn, roam, explore, create, interconnect, heal, and age.

At the interface of design, robotics, and psychology, the ARL creates robotic built environments that support and augment our increasingly bio-cyber-physical world. In so doing, the ARL strives to cultivate interactions across living things and their surroundings to form socio-technical ecologies. The novelty of the lab's research lies in its recognition of the built environment, from furniture and rooms to buildings and the metropolis, as a next frontier of human-machine interaction. More broadly, the ARL generates new vocabularies of design and new, complex realms of understanding that shape novel, computational, and bio-centric environments.

Defined by radical collaboration. the ARL addresses complex problems and opportunities of an increasingly digital society by developing and testing meticulous, artfully-designed environments and their components that act, think, and grow with their inhabitants: Architectural Robotics. Informed by human needs, wants, curiosity, and a concern for our survival on the planet, the ARL focuses on healthcare, creativity and learning, working life, autonomous vehicles and spacecraft, community and civic life, disaster relief, and mass urbanization.