Class in Fluor Daniel


The ARL offers participating students a novel, trans-disciplinary education responsive to the challenges and opportunities of a complex world.

ARL Director Keith Evan Green is professor in the Department of Human Centered Design (HCD) and in the Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) and is Graduate Field member in Information Science (IS). He supervises PhD and Master’s students in all three affiliations: HCD, MAE, and IS, and teaches the following courses in his home department (some of which count for degree programs in IS and MAE/Robotics):

Human-Centered Design Methods | HCD 2730 (course site) - offered Fall

Interaction Design (IxD) studio | HCD 5210 (course site) - offered Spring

Architectural Robotics | HCD 6210 (course site) - offered Fall

With instructor and departmental approvals, lab members or students who have taken Green's classes may earn credit (1cr = 3-4 hrs/wk) for ARL research through Green's sections of HCD 4010 / 6020 form, MAE 4900 / 6900 form, and IS 4900 / 7900 via IS.