ARL participants come from design, mechanical engineering, information science, and allied fields. PhD students are awarded tuition and living stipends. Bachelors and Masters students are rarely offered financial support but may earn credit (3-4 hrs/wk = 1cr) through Green's sections of HCD 4010/6020 form, MAE 4900/6900 form, and IS 4900/7900 (requires a pin code from IS). Students interested in joining the lab are encouraged to first take a course with Professor Green.

Former PhD students - faculty at:
• Elena Sabsinson > U CO-Boulder
• Mengni Zhang > UW-Madison
• Yixiao Wang > Georgia Tech
• Carlos de Aguiar > UIUC
• Arash Soleimani > Woodbury U
• George Schafer > Clemson U
• Anthony Threat > Vanderbilt U
• Joe Manganelli > Kent State U
• Tarek Mohktar > Alfaisal U
• Henrique Houayek > Clemson U

Former Masters students:
Bruno Tassari MEng ME
• Neyeon Kwon MPS IS
• Jinmo Huang MPS IS
• Joshua Blair MEng ME
• Deanna Kocher MS ME
• Robert Shield MEng SE
• Melody (Naifang) Yu MEng ME
• Kevin Liu MEng ME
• Aratrika Ghatak MEng ECE
• Ricky Wang MEng ME
• Ethan Valentine MEng ME
• Olivia Roberts MEng ME
• Mark Worsley MEng ME
• Jilly Cai MEng ME
Harrison Hidalgo MEng ME
Juliette Bendheim MEng ME
• Isha Pradhan MEng ME
• Yupei Yang MEng CS
• Mengxue Wang MPS IS
• Kevin Guo MEng ME
• Seshasowri Chunduri MEng SE
• Justin Jacobs MEng ME
• Yeolim Jo MEng ME
• Kathryn Roberts MEng ME
Paulina Villacreces MS HCD
Kaustav Das MA HCD
• Richa Sirohi MEng SE
• Christian Ray MEng ME
• Yuxin Zhou MEng ME
• Alex Bernard MEng ME
• Christina Keefe MEng ME
• Samantha Hollenberg MEng ME
• Roanja Milo MEng ME

Former Bachelors students:
• Ian Lee BS Info Sci & Biology
• Eli Vicarte BS ECE, MEng ME
• Lucia Pannunzio, HD/Psych
• Jackson Hardin ME
• Jin Ryu ME
• Janis Siong BS ME, DEA minor
• Alexandra Steelman BS Civil Eng  
Charu Marugesan BS CS
• Boya Zhang ME
• Chelle Davies CS/ECE
• Alex Zhu ME
• Angela Lo ECE/CS
• Cayla Haymann IS
• Boya Zhang ME
• Genna Hadad IS
• Yanchen Zhan CS
• Liheng Li CS/ECE
• Christian Polydor CS
• Audrey Tirtohadiguno DEA
• Conrad McCarthy ME
• Gauri Jain ECE
• Sophie Lan CS/ECE

Lab BS and MS/A/Eng work at:
• Microsoft
• Apple
• Disney
• Tesla
• Sandia National Labs
• Amazon Robotics
Ori Living

ARL Partners:
Ian D. Walker, Clemson Univ.
Robotic Building/H. Bier TU Delft
TU Deflt idStudioLab / IE minor
Bartlett UCL Space Syntax Lab
Maersk Mc-Kinney Moiler Institute
Fraunhofer Institute IESE
Roger C. Peace Rahab Hospital
Senior Action
Tompkins Co. NY Library
Dryden NY Central School District

History Center Tompkins Co. NY

Keith Evan Green | Director, ARL
... is the Jean and Douglas McLean Professor of Human Centered Design (HCD) at Cornell University and professor in Cornell's Sibley School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (MAE) and its Information Science (IS) graduate program. Green's ARL (Architectural Robotics Lab) imagines rooms and their furnishings as robots that enable, support, and augment inhabitants. His book, Architectural Robotics: Ecosystems of Bits, Bytes and Biology (MIT Press), defines this emerging field at the interface of design, robotics, HCI, and psychology. A registered architect and Senior Member of IEEE, Green earned B.A., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master of Architecture from the University of Illinois at Chicago. (Green's homepage)

Serena Guo | PhD Info Sci
... is a PhD Information Science student at Cornell. She is interested in blending the physical world with the virtual world through multimedia, including mixed reality, tangible mediums, digital arts/narratives, to create innovative spatial experience. Her main goal is to bring human physicality into the digital world - to foster empathy in our living environment. She has worked in AR/VR companies and architectural design firms before entering the PhD program. Serena holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture at Hong Kong University and an M.Arch degree at Columbia University with an honor award for excellence in design. She enjoys exploring (cities, nature, books) and creating (design, art, food).

Raquel Cañete | PhD Fulbright
... is a Fulbright scholar visiting the ARL from the Higher Polytechnic School of the University of Seville, currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Design Engineering and working as a predoctoral researcher. Raquel holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design Engineering and Development of Products from the University of Seville (Spain) and a Master’s degree in Interaction Design from Malmö Universitet (Sweden). Her research is focused on social sustainability and inclusive design. She designs and develops assistive technology and smart products for children with autism, highlighting the importance of materials and sensoriality. Her hobbies include dancing, arts and crafts, and exploring new places.

Hsin-Ming Chao | MS HCD
... is
a Cornell MS student in HCD with a concentration in Emerging Technology for Design and minoring in HCI. Her research interests include intelligent environment and interaction design, with a goal of adaptive smart homes. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Business from the National Taiwan University with a minor in Philosophy. Ming enjoys traveling, especially backpacking to a new city.

Matthew Taub| MEng MAE
... is a Cornell senior/MEng Student studying Mechanical Engineering with interest in Robotics, Mechanical Design, and Spacecraft Engineering. Aside from work at the ARL, he is on the Cornell Mars Rover team, primarily focused on designing a centrifuge for soil analysis. In his free time, he likes to listen to music, play games, and rock climb.

Megan Wong | MEng MAE
... is a Cornell MEng student studying Mechanical Engineering with a design focus. She also majored in Mechanical Engineering during her undergraduate years at Cornell. Megan's main interests include product and user-centered design. Outside of ARL, Megan is a part of the Cornell Track and Field Club, and enjoys painting, drinking coffee, and being outside in her free time.

Derek Chiou | MEng MAE
... is a Cornell MEng student studying Mechanical Engineering with a focus in robotics. During his undergrad, Derek majored in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in CS. In his free time, Derek enjoys playing unhealthy amounts of volleyball, cooking asian fusion cuisines, and mixing cocktails. Warning: makes strange, loud noises when stressed, stumped, or startled.

Jenny Yu | BS Info Sci
... is a Cornell junior majoring in Information Science with concentrations in User Experience and Interactive Technologies, and minoring in Design Innovation & Strategy. She is interested in human-computer interaction, storytelling through design, and the curation of products that drive positive experiences. Outside of her academics, Jenny is currently involved as webmaster and lead of the Medium Design Collective's Praxis brand consulting subteam. In her free time, she enjoys crafting desserts, reading, and drawing.

Diane Pillsbury| BS ECE
... is a Cornell undergrad majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering, with minors in Computer Science and Architecture. She is passionate about integrating technology and design. Outside of the ARL, she's involved in Amateur Radio and community service clubs, and works as a course consultant for Object-Oriented Programming and Data Structures. 

Julian Stoller | BS MAE
... is a Cornell undergrad majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Urban and Regional Studies with interests in robotics, systems engineering for transit purposes, and sustainability. Along with his involvement in the ARL, he is currently the mechanical subteam lead for Cornell Autonomous Bicycle and an RA. 

Eleanor White | BA Info Sci
... Is a Cornell junior majoring in Information Sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences. She is interested in Product Design and Research, specifically in technology and sustainability. She is a TA for INFO 1300, and a Radio DJ for 93.5 WVBR Ithaca’s Alternative Radio. Eleanor also enjoys reading, the New York Times Mini Crossword, and playing the ukulele

Riya Guttigoli | BS MAE
... is a Cornell undergrad majoring studying Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Business, with interests in robotics, aerospace engineering, and architectural design. Outside of the ARL, Riya is a magnetic levitation engineer on Cornell Hyperloop, and is classical captain for Cornell's Kathak-fusion team, Nazaqat. She also enjoys running, traveling, and classical music

Huong Pham | BA Info Sci
... Is a Cornell junior majoring in Information Sciences with a concentration in User Experience (UX). She gets really geeky about different mediums of immersive experience, whether physical exhibitions that blend lighting and sound or digital graphics found in news articles and innovative website design.
Meeting people brings her joy, especially in conducting user interviews, sharing insights with prospective students as a tour guide, or striking up a friendly chat with strangers over coffee (she's hug fan of Yes Theory). Outside classes, she trains for her first triathlon, cooks Vietnamese noodle soup, and travels for live concerts.

Julius Goldberg | BS MAE
... is a Cornell undergrad studying Mechanical Engineering and Design. He enjoys tackling creative challenges with CAD and rapid prototyping to make a difference in his community. In addition to being an undergraduate researcher with the Architectural Robotics Lab, Julius is an airframe engineer on the Cornell University Unmanned Air Systems project team.

Jill Thai | BS DEA
... is a Cornell undergrad majoring in Design and Environmental Analysis. She is a member of the Medium Cornell Design Collective, working in both the Editorial and Praxis design consulting subteams. With an interest in interior design and interactive user experience, she is especially compelled by technology that enhances human ecological spaces. In her free time, Jill enjoys drawing, snacking, and watching kdramas.