Keith Evan Green, director

Current Lab People

Former PhD students:
• Arash Soleimani
• George Schafer
• Anthony Threat
• Joe Manganelli
• Tarek Mohktar
• Henrique Houayek

Ian D. Walker, Clemson University
Robotic Building TU Delft (H. Bier)
TU Deflt idStudioLab (IE minor)
Bartlett School Space Syntax Lab
U. So. Denmark Modular Robotics
Fraunhofer Institute | IESE
Roger C. Peace Rahab. Hospital
Tompkins Co. Library NY
History Center Tompkins Co. NY

ARCHITECTURAL ROBOTICS LAB | PEOPLE |  c u r r e n t   l a b   p e o p l e

ARCHITECTURAL ROBOTICS LAB faculty and student participants are drawn from Design + Environmental Analysis [DEA], Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering [MAE] Computer & Information Science, Human Factors Psychology, Education, Sociology, and other allied fields. Current lab members are found here.

The ARCHITECTURAL ROBOTICS LAB engages students at all levels, from freshman undergraduates to Post-Doctoral Students. The ARCHITECTURAL ROBOTICS LAB offers participating students a novel, trans-disciplinary education responsive to the challenges and opportunities of a complex world. To learn more about educational opportunities and new student recruiting, visit the academics page.

The ARCHITECTURAL ROBOTICS LAB also partners with research bodies, including TU Delft (NL), The Bartlett School of UCL (UK), the Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation Hospital, the Fraunhofer Institute, the Richland Library, and the University of Southern Denmark's Modular Robotics Lab.