i n v e s t i g a t o r s :
Keith Evan Green
Design & Mech. Eng., Cornell

s t u d e n t   t e a m :
Yixiao Wang
PhD, DEA, Cornell
Deanna Kocher
PhD, MAE, Cornell
Mengni Zhang
PhD, DEA, Cornell
Kaustav Das

MS, DEA, Cornell




Trust, Agency and Cultural Differences in HRI

We have been investigating issues of trust, agency, and cultural differences in robotics in recent years, often associated with other, larger research projects.
Here are the publications under this umbrella of activity in our lab.


Wang, Y., Das, K., and Green, K. E. [2021]. Are Robots Perceived as Good Decision-Makers? Investigation of Trust & Preference of Robot Referees. Journal of Behavioral Robotics, vol 12, pp. 287-296. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1515/pjbr-2021-0020. [video]

Kocher, D. Kushnir, T., Sarmiento, L., Heller, S. and Green, K. E. Better Together: Young Children’s Tendencies to Help a Non-Humanoid Robot Collaborator. IDC '20: Proceedings of the Interaction Design and Children Conference. June 2020 Pages 243–249 https://doi.org/10.1145/3392063.3394426.

Wang, Y., Guimbretière, F., and Green, K. E. 2020. Are Space-making Robots, Agents? Investigations on User Perception of an Embedded Robotic Surface. In Proceeding of the 2020 29th IEEE International Conference on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN), Naples, Italy, 2020, pp. 1230-1235, doi: 10.1109/RO-MAN47096.2020.9223532.

M. Zhang, T. Xu, J. Hardin, J. Jiaqi Cai, J. Brooks and K. E. Green, "How Many Robots Do You Want? A Cross-Cultural Exploration on User Preference and Perception of an Assistive Multi-Robot System," 2021 30th IEEE International Conference on Robot & Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN), 2021, pp. 580-585, doi: 10.1109/RO-MAN50785.2021.9515396.