AWE homepage 2015

The ARCHITECTURAL ROBOTICS LAB (or "ARL") led by Keith Evan Green imagines rooms (and their furnishings) as robots that enable, support, and augment inhabitants. More practically, we design robot-rooms and study how these rooms partner with people and what people make of them and with them.

At the interface of design, robotics, and psychology, Architectural Robotics describes meticulous, artfully-designed physical environments and their components that act, think, and grow with their inhabitants. Architectural Robotics supports and augments us as we do things we do: work, play, learn, roam, discover, create, interconnect, heal, and age. In so doing, the ARL strives to cultivate interactions across living things and their surroundings to form socio-technical ecologies. The novelty of the lab's research lies in its recognition of the built environment, from furniture and rooms to buildings and the metropolis, as a next frontier of human-machine interaction. More broadly, the ARL generates new vocabularies of design and new, complex realms of understanding how we cohabitate with each other and the things around us.

Defined by radical collaboration. the ARL addresses complex problems and opportunities of an increasingly digital society.