AWE homepage 2015

The physical environment made interactive and adaptive by embedded computer systems has great promise to support and augment us as we roam, explore, create, interconnect, and age. Led by Keith Evan Green, the ARCHITECTURAL ROBOTICS LAB at Cornell designs and evaluates interactive, meticulous, robotic environments. Established in 2005, the ARCHITECTURAL ROBOTICS LAB recognizes the built environment, from furniture to the metropolis, as a next frontier of robotics and design.

The ARCHITECTURAL ROBOTICS LAB is home to trans-disciplinary research teams sufficiently complex in composition to address the problems and opportunities of an increasingly digital world. We strive to realize techno(eco)logical systems that cultivate interactions across people, other living things, and their natural and physical surroundings. We design for and measure usability, efficacy, and social, cultural, emotional, and ecological value.

The ARCHITECTURAL ROBOTICS LAB focuses its efforts on healthcare, creativity and learning, working life, autonomous and space transport, community and civic life, disaster relief, and mass urbanization. In designing for these applications, the lab dedicates itself to understanding human populations sometimes overlooked by designers: children, elders, underserved communities, and individuals suffering from illness, disabilities and the challenges of dis/relocation.